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Advent – December 21st, 2018

Psalm 118 The stone the builders rejected Has become the capstone The Lord has done this And it is marvelous in our eyes Worst childhood memory? For me, one of them has to be gym class. I wasn’t athletic or coordinated, so it was miserable. That misery peaked into a nightmare when the class would […]

Advent – December 20th, 2018

Luke 1:57-80 What does this mean, to prepare His ways? John the Baptist is the prep for Jesus, we get that, but what does it mean to prepare folks? I’ve put aside some emergency stuff for an earthquake. They call it a “go bag” with all the survival basics you might need in an emergency. […]

Advent – December 19th, 2018

Psalm 41 My wife posed a question to me one day. What’s worse, physical or emotional pain? I never really thought to compare them, but I think she’s dead on – emotional pain is worse. So I did some reading on it and discovered something fascinating. We only have one nerve network, our physical one. […]

Advent – December 18th, 2018

Luke 1:39-56 Mary’s praise is a wonder. It’s something that shows a depth of thought and reflection, an understanding you wouldn’t expect from a teen. It’s possible she fully composed it later – the story doesn’t say she made it up spontaneously. What I love is how she takes her own blessing and her own […]

Advent – December 17th, 2018

Psalm 40 …in the scroll of the book it is written of me. I was doing a spin class lately, and the instructor was a great cheerleader. It was just a canned video to motivate me, but it worked. One of the funny turns of phrase she kept saying, as my legs were cramping and my lungs were wheezing, was […]