Advent – December 18th, 2018

Luke 1:39-56 Mary’s praise is a wonder. It’s something that shows a depth of thought and reflection, an understanding you wouldn’t expect from a teen. It’s possible she fully composed it later – the story doesn’t say she made it up spontaneously. What I love is how she takes her own blessing and her ownContinue reading “Advent – December 18th, 2018”

Advent – December 13th, 2018

John 1:5 The birth stories of Jesus can come off a bit dry. There’s a plainness to the story, a narrative simplicity that can be quite charming…or quite boring. They are not flowery stories. The virgin birth is announced matter-of-factly. No one locally significant makes a big deal about it, it’s just business as usualContinue reading “Advent – December 13th, 2018”

Advent – December 12th, 2018

Psalm 8 This poem balances itself on this question: What does it mean to be human? You can see David’s questions about humanity sit in the middle of his poem (I indented them so you could easily see them in the translation). Remember, Hebrew poetry is different: it reaches its climactic moment in the middle.Continue reading “Advent – December 12th, 2018”