Day Thirty-Eight

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For out of Jerusalem shall go a remnant, and out of Mount Zion a band of survivors. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will do this.

Isaiah 37:32

Git ‘er dun. That was a popular redneck slogan for a while. What does get things done? I’ve got a whole book on it. What’s the answer? A good plan? More hard work? Better “inbox” strategies? We all make all sorts of resolutions, and we all work together in many ways to see things get done. Sometimes stuff does get done; sometimes it doesn’t. I have a good friend who never delegates anything if she can help it. I know why. If she does it, then she knows it’ll be done, it’ll be done right, and it’ll be done on time. People like that are a great asset at times, but in the end, they’ll just burn out. They always do. Our God won’t. This is what this verse says. He will never burn out. The Lord, our God, is passionate about getting stuff done. What stuff? Our rescue and the coming of His Son. Our salvation from sin. Our hope. Nothing else will “git ‘er dun” like His will! It’s the passionate longing of an eternal Being to save folks like us from sin, to rescue us from judgment. It’s this passion that goes to the cross, it’s this passion that chases you for years, it’s this passion that gets His work done in you. Whether you like it or not. Our lives are so unfinished all of the time, our best hopes and hard work are nothing – and my zeal for my family, my church, and my calling won’t last. I need His zeal – His passion for me, in me, and through me. Then everything will get done. His own driving passion will do it. Praise Him!